Efficacy Payments is a South African payments company that was founded to displace cash in formal and informal retail environments. It is our vision to drive the electronification of payments and foster greater financial inclusion in key African markets.

We take a partner-led approach to payments innovation, working closely with banks, retailers and financial services providers to develop customer-centric payments solutions. Driven by a senior team with a wealth of experience in the local and global payments, technology and financial services industries, Efficacy Payments works with our partners to develop innovative digital payment systems that deliver new levels of inclusion, relevance and value to consumers and businesses.


Andrew Marsh

Managing Director

Andrew is a seasoned business development executive with extensive experience in the financial services and card payments industries across both traditional and non-traditional environments. Since co-founding Efficacy Payments in 2016 along with four industry experts, Andrew has focused on driving financial inclusion and the displacement of cash in key African markets. Taking a partner-led approach, Andrew and his team bring together key roleplayers to develop innovative solutions within the payments ecosystem.

Kerryn Hummel

Chief Operating Officer

Kerryn is an experienced digital payments specialist with extensive experience in banking, mobile payments and operations. She Joined Efficacy Payments in 2019 and brings with her vast knowledge of building and leading teams and businesses from concept phase through to successful implementation in card-accepting environments.

member of Crossfin Technologies Group



Efficacy Payments works closely with partners and customers to develop innovative payment solutions that bring new forms of value to retail, banking, insurance and SME sectors. Our solutions seek to displace cash and encourage greater adoption of electronic payments in card-accepting environments. All our solutions stimulate business growth through innovation and are fully compliant with local regulatory requirements.



Efficacy Payments works closely with banks through a partner-led model to develop new customer-centric payment innovations. Our solutions help banks reduce branch costs and bring greater convenience and access to financial services and solutions for their customers.



We provide retailers with additional opportunities for meaningful customer engagement through the delivery of relevant payment solutions. By providing consumers with new forms of convenience at the till point, Efficacy Payments improves foot traffic, increases customer relevance and boosts sales and retention.



Our solutions provide insurers with new disbursement alternatives, drawing on our partnerships with retail, payments and banking organisations to offer new options for the paying of funds to customers.



Efficacy Payments provides payment gateways with additional disbursement options, enabling speedier payment of funds to customer accounts.



Efficacy Payments works to displace cash in SME environments by enabling acceptance of card and other forms of electronic payments. Through the electronification of payments in key formal and informal environments, SMEs also gain access to a broad range of value-added services that they can resell, as well as access to working capital.

Displacing cash through convenience and innovation.


We believe the best payments innovations come from a collaborative approach that engages banks, payments providers, merchants and other value providers to solve specific business or customer challenges. Our deep sector experience and strong relationships enable us to develop innovative payment solutions that enhance the customer experience and expands opportunities for customer engagement in key retail, banking, insurance and SME environments. Efficacy Payments applies a partnership-led approach to innovation instead of trying to disrupt existing models. We utilise the interoperable tracks established by Visa, Mastercard and BankServ to develop compliant and innovative solutions for the highly regulated payments sector.



Deposit @ Till enables banking customers to more easily deposit cash value into their card-linked accounts by expanding deposit facilities to the retail point-of-sale. Through partnerships with retailers, Deposit @ Till enables consumers to deposit wages and other forms of cash directly into their card-linked bank accounts without having to enter a bank branch. This creates additional value for banks by getting cash value into the formal banking system instead of funds being retained as cash. With the introduction of a new breed of digital banking challengers into the South African banking system, Deposit @ Till also provides value by extending digital banks’ reach and service offering into the formal retail space without the need to establish standalone bank branches to handle deposits. Deposit @ Till is currently active at Pick n Pay (including Boxer) stores countrywide, with customers from nine banks able to make deposits directly into their bank accounts. A number of other banks are currently being on-boarded.



The move toward instant or real-time payments is an important development for the displacement of cash. Research has found that instant payments can contribute meaningfully to financial inclusion by reducing the use of cash. Efficacy Payments draws on its strong ecosystem of partners to enable disbursements to card-linked accounts at an affordable price and in near real-time. Insurance providers, payment gateways, banks and other companies wishing to pay out funds to a card-linked account can access our established network of partnerships to enhance their customer offering. Payments can be enabled on a bulk or individual level. This also creates additional value to payment gateways that need to make payouts to customer accounts by speeding up the payment process.



Despite the fact that 80% of South African adults have a bank account, cash use is still growing at a rate of 6-10% per year. This points to a need for greater access to convenient, safe and affordable digital payment alternatives such as card payments. Greater electronification of payments reduces the risk on merchants and consumers and opens up a world of value-added services that bring convenience and value to consumers’ lives. We work closely with small and medium enterprises to displace cash and empower businesses to accept electronic payments. In the informal market, the electronification of payments also enables merchants to offer a range of other products and services to customers. Through our partners, Efficacy Payments can offer merchants physical point-of-sale devices that enable customer access other services such as airtime, funeral cover, insurance and more.


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